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What gets Inspected

  A Standard Visual Home Inspection
consists of a visual, non invasive evaluation of the home's major components and systems by an experienced professional home inspector. All  inspections are done in accordance  to the Florida Standards of Practice, 
A computer written report detailing the inspector's findings is delivered via email within 24 hours after the inspection. We strive to provide knowledgeable, unbiased, and accurate information for our customers; documented in a Home Inspection Report which is easy to understand, informative, and educational.
A Standard Visual Home Inspection includes 
We also offer inspections of:  Swimming Pools & Spas - Sprinkler Systems – Seawalls –  Docks & Davits
Wind Mitigation insurance reports are also available upon request

Grading & drainage issues
Driveways, sidewalks, patio, lanai, porch, sunroom
Exterior walls, siding, trim, windows, doors, chimney
Indications of significant settlement or structural issues

Type, age, general condition
Life expectancy
Quality of installation
Needed repairs, evidence of leakage
Condition of roof covering, flashings, gutters, soffits, vents  - damage - Maintenance Issues


Type of construction - Indication of roof leaks -Hurricane tie down straps (presence & installation)
Type and amount of insulation & ventilation
Wiring -splices, junction boxes, safety concerns, or hazards - A/C ducts - condition, installation, placement
Pest activity or damage

Entrance Conductors  Main electrical panel - size, type, & condition of wiring, breakers - Branch Circuits – Sub Panels - Hazards & safety concerns  - Lights, switches, appliances  - Outlets throughout the house  - GFCI circuits and ARC fault protection

Type of unit - heat pump or AC with heat strips
Air handler Age, condition, manufacturer, operation. Furnace (age, condition, operation)
Evaluation of system function
Ducts - type, condition, defects, air flow



Wesley,Chapel,home,inspector,plumbing,water heater,water,heater

  Main shut off valve - Supply lines, drain lines, valves, fixtures, sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, - condition, water volume & flow, operation, & presence of leaks - Sewer venting - Water heater - location, manufacturer, type, size, age, condition, safety concerns

Type of construction - masonry, wood frame  siding - doors - windows - flooring  - additions - wood damage - foundations - slab - crawl space - visible structural components 




Plumbing , Electric - cabinets, sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, microwaves,  major built-in appliances
Ceilings, floors, doors, walls, Counter tops 




Toilet, sink, tub, shower, counter tops, vanities, cabinets
Plumbing, electric – enclosure 
Ceilings, floors, doors, windows, walls

Brandon,home,inspector,garage,opener,door openers
Ceilings, floors, doors, walls
Structure and maintenance issues
Attic stairs
Garage door openers - operation and safety controls.







Walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows
Structural concerns, water intrusion
Stairs, balconies, and railings
Presence of smoke alarms

Additional Home Inspection Services

Type - concrete, fiberglass, vinyl 
Structural and Visual Condition
Pool equipment condition and operation
pumps, filters, timer, controls
Heat Pump, Solar Panels, Heaters

Water source  
City water, reclaimed, well, pump
Control panels
Sprinkler heads
condition and operation

Type and condition


Brandon,home,inspection,dock,docks,davit,seawallDocks & Davits









Florida Insurance Inspections

Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form
Used by Florida Insurance companies to 
determine reductions in home insurance
based upon the home's construction


Citizens 4 Point Inspection Report
Required for home that are more than 30 years old
Roof - Electrical - Plumbing - Heating & Air Conditioning
We are no longer providing 4 Point Inspections and Reports.
We do not provide 4 point inspection reports on homes where we’ve done a complete standard visual inspection. A 4 point inspection is not as detailed as our standard visual inspection; are poorly defined, and often what needs be reported can vary between insurance companies and their underwriters. It is highly likely that issues noted as “CORRECTIVE” in the Electrical, Plumbing, Roof & Attic, and Heating - Air Conditioning sections in the summary of our inspection reports should be addressed prior to having a 4 point inspection. 


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