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  I have been doing home inspections in the Tampa Bay area since 1990 and have established a successful home inspection service built upon integrity, customer service, and thorough and accurate home inspections. I find satisfaction in providing a service that is helpful and appreciated.
I started in the home inspection profession as an apprentice with Colorado Real Estate Inspection Services.  I was fortunate to have been trained by Skip Campbell who is considered one of the innovators in the home inspection industry. Getting “hands on training” and working alongside a seasoned pro was a tremendous experience that  has benefited me to this day. Skip charged me $5.00 a day, and then bought my lunch every day…..  Truly a blessing. Tampa,Home,Inspector,Tom,Bannister,ASHI,The American Society of Home Inspectors
I have since received even more specialized training and experience working with industry leaders such as Homeowners Marketing Services, Resitic, R.J. Moore and Associates, and Housemaster of America.  Since becoming a member of (ASHI) in 1993, I have meet and often exceeded the annual ongoing Educational Requirements of (The American Society of Home Inspectors). I've been a  member of the local Chapter of (ASHI) and have served in various positions on the board of directors. 
The State of Florida has recently established licensing for Home Inspectors. I was among the first group of Home Inspectors to be grandfathered in. Using Home Inspectors that are members of a Professional Home Inspection Organization is your best choice when looking for an inspector that is ethical, unbiased, and has had training and experience with inspecting and reporting on all of a home’s systems and components.  
Having inspected 1000’s of  homes throughout Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, and Wesley Chapel I can honestly say….every week I run into something I’ve never seen before. That’s what makes it interesting.
Years of experience are incorporated into thorough and professional computer written reports delivered within 24 hours of the inspection.
Inspection Education: 
Education: B.S. in Business Administration - Ashland University - 1973
Colorado Real Estate Inspection Services - Apprenticeship - 1990
Homeowner's Marketing Services - Mechanical Inspections - 1991
International Association of Electrical Inspectors - Electrical Inspections - 1992
National Institute of Building Inspectors - General Home Inspections - 1993
R.J. Moore Associates - Relocation Inspection Training - 1994
FABI (Florida Association of Building Inspectors) Conferences – 2005 – 2009
ACE III Initial Disaster Housing Inspector Training – December, 2006
ASHI National Conventions -  Ongoing
Suncoast Chapter of ASHI - Monthly meetings & training seminars 1990 – present
Member of The American Society of Home Inspectors since 1993 - present
Florida State Licensed Home Inspector 2010 - present

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